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“The key to inspiring and engaging people is to define why an organization exists and give each person the opportunity to discover their own purpose connected to the mastery of their work and the contribution they make.  This discovery of purpose and connection to mastery leads to the development of one’s ikigai, or reason for being.

Ikigai is a uniquely Japanese concept that stems from the root word “ikiru” which means life and “kai” which translates as the realization that one hopes for.  It is often expressed as the reason one gets out of bed in the morning.  The better a leader is at connecting people with their work and structuring work with an element of challenge and personal satisfaction, the higher the level of ikigai.  

Work itself then becomes secondary to the interaction people have with their work and the opportunity they have to express themselves through continuous improvement, growth and personal mastery.”

Exerpt from Management for Omotenashi

Learn how tessei transformed itself from a “cleaning company” to a global benchmark for culture.

7-Minute Miracle. Jan 16, 2015. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt92-ZDm-HM

creating an omotenashi culture

Step 1

Adopt a philosophy of leadership that places people before profit and embraces the role of creating the opportunity for ikigai through work.

Step 2

Design a daily management system which aligns people through strategy, encourages growth through challenge, and engages leaders as coaches. 

Step 3

Commit to a kaizen environment where each person strives to improve the organization everyday and takes pride in their accomplishments.

Created by leadership EXPERT, Mike Martyn

Mike Martyn is the Founder and President of SISU Consulting Group, and international consultancy supporting more than 500 organizations in 22 countries.  Over the past 20 years, Mike has also contributed hugely to the development of the Shingo Model and Assessment Framework, is Director Emeritus of the Shingo Institute, a 3x Shingo Prize winning author and Lifetime Member of the Shingo Academy.

One of Mike’s primary roles with SISU is the development of leaders at each level of the organization.  In this role, Mike has trained and personally coached thousands of leaders through his live workshops, online development courses, executive coaching, and Coaching Camps.

Mike’s experience with the concepts of omotenashi, kaizen and ikigai come from his extensive travels to Japan.  Beginning with a business trip in 2004, Mike has spent countless hours learning about Japanese culture and benchmarking world-class kaizen cultures.  Beginning in 2011, Mike opened up these trips to other business leaders, and in 2013, he organized the first Japan Study Tour for the Shingo Institute.

Since 2013, Mike has traveled back and forth to Japan an average of twice a year, focusing his time on his own personal development as well as coaching others.  During his visits, Mike has been asked to be a guest lecturer at numerous Japanese companies and share his approach for creating team-based daily kaizen cultures as described in his Shingo Award Winning book, Own the Gap.  Over the years, Mike has also had the opportunity to gain “behind the scenes” access to some of Japan’s top companies; Honda, Denso, Nissan, Toyota, Ina Foods, and TESSEI, to name a few.

The visit to TESSEI in particular would help shape his understanding of what defines great leadership, and serve as a catalyst to bring his 20 years of experience together into a model for leaders.  Over a period of two years, Mike met with, learned from, and collaborated with TESSEI’s Former Chairman, Teruo Yabe.  These sessions, in addition to Mike’s work with other Shingo-winning clients led to the publishing of Management for Omotenashi.

Mike, pictured wth Mr. Teruo Yabe, Former Chairman of TESSEI 

What accomplished leaders are saying

Own the Gap showed us the Key Systems that are needed in order to manage successful teams, Management for Omotenashi teaches us what is needed to lead successful teams.   The book sets the standards for leadership thinking and behaviors that bring the best out of people.  Mike teaches us how to get past copying others and helps us see how and what to teach others so that we all can do our best work and create the best results.  This book lays out an uncommon but very necessary philosophy for leaders and teams to follow. It teaches leaders and team members how to think and act in ways that bring out and achieve our very best.

Alex Dobsky

VP Operations, Mity Lite

A must read for any leader looking to improve their business processes and culture.  The tools, concepts, and philosophies are applicable to any type of work environment or business support functions.  The elements of this book contain the keys to success with not only your business, but also with your own personal development to be a great leader.

Joseph Kumor

Senior Director Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability, AbbVie

This book reinforced, validated, deepened and expanded the things that I whole heartedly believe in and gets to the foundation that drives  operational excellence.  We know culture is driven by leaders.  But expressing to leaders what they do in lean culture often results in missing the point and perfunctory motion.  We get better results when we teach them how to think and what to believe; that your people are the priority, serve them as your customer, help them be happy, find passion, success, growth, find their ikigai.  Management for Ometenashi captures the depth of a leaders role in a kaizen cutlure and gives a practical framework for effective execution.

Eric Pope

VP Operations, US Synthetic


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