Learning to Lead with Purpose, Passion and Performance


Introduction: Understanding the true gap

The following video is from an interview with Rob Galloway, President US Synthetic, a ChampionX Company.  US Synthetic is the leading provider of polycrytalline diamond cutters (PDCs) for oil and gas exploration.  In the video, Rob discusses the profound effect the company’s founder had on him and the importance of designing a culture that enables each person to have the same great experience.

Chapter 1: Management skills matter

The following video is from a presentation by Simon Sinek  This short video does a great job describing leadership as a choice, responsibility, and most importantly a skill that can be learned through repetition. https://

chapter 2: begin with a bow, end with a bow

The following video is a clip from a webinar I did for Lean Frontiers.  In it I discuss meeting Yabe and my impressions of him as a leader, his commitment to his people and the transformation he orchestrated in both the role of leaders at TESSEI and the the power of kaizen to develop pride in our work and passion for our contribution.

chapter 3: Act with sincerity, serve from the heart

The following is a great video published by Lexus describing the Japanese philosophy of Omotenashi.  The video does a great job explain the meaning of omotenashi, and gives examples of omotenashi in action in Japan, emphasizing that it is the mindset of acting with sincerity and providing heartfelt service with a sense of gratitude.  https://

chapter 4: Pride in your work, joy in your life

This is a video from La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Portland, OR.  Store manager John David, discusses the impact kaizen has on customer experience, business performance and the team morale.  It is a great example of the power of employee ideas to generate great business results and the pride that comes form knowing you own your performance and your contribution to the organization.

chapter 5: connect your reason for being

The following video is from Daigeo, a beverage company with more than 200 brands, 25,000+ employees and $15.4 billion in sales.  The video explains the organization’s purpose and has its employees describe what this purpose affects the lives of customers, employees, and the larger communities in which they do business.  https://

chapter 6: build passion before profit

The following video was produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  It provides a definition for Sanpo Yoshi, the 400 year old Japanese philosophy of balancing profit with the needs of society.  I think this is a good example of taking a balanced approach to outcomes and focusing on more than just profit.  https://

chapter 7: evolve past pdca

One of my specialities is helping organizations create and cascade focused and clear strategies.  This process involves creating a “One-Page” strategic document to promote discussion and ownership of the strategy at each level of the organization.  In this video, I answer some common questions regarding the purpose and use of the one-page strategy.  My host is Alisha Garrett, Chief Enterprise Strategy Officer for the Utah Transit Authority.

chapter 8: growing pride through kaizen

The following clip is from an interview I did with Bryan Crowell, co-author of Own the Gap.  We discuss the power of challenge and how setting “crazy” goals catapulted Autoliv from having an “ok” kaizen program to being a world-class example of engagement and performance.  From 2005-2009, the Ogden site implemented over 300,000 employee ideas and became a training site for Toyota.

chapter 9: a foundation for success

The following video is a clip of an interview I did with Gary Peterson, VP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at OC Tanner.  OC Tanner is a world-class company with an amazing culture and in this clip Gary and I discuss the true meaning, purpose and benefit of having a commitment to discipline.


The following video, produced by Steven Roberts, provides more information on the origin and success of the UW Bicycle Program.  This program led to a reduction of 52,000 lbs of CO2 annually, $224,294 in annual savings and was 100% designed and executed through employee ideas.