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What People Are Saying About Management for Omotenashi…

This book reinforced, validated, deepened and expanded the things that I whole heartedly believe in and gets to the foundation that drives  operational excellence.  We know culture is driven by leaders.  But expressing to leaders what they do in lean culture often results in missing the point and perfunctory motion.  We get better results when we teach them how to think and what to believe; that your people are the priority, serve them as your customer, help them be happy, find passion, success, growth, find their ikigai.  Management for Ometenashi captures the depth of a leaders role in a kaizen cutlure and gives a practical framework for effective execution.

Eric Pope

VP Operations, US Synthetic

Wow, Martyn has delivered with this thoughtful yet practical collection of leadership insights, case studies and examples. Management for Omotenashi is a must read for leaders, at any level, who want to go “beyond ‘management’ and even servant leadership”. Leaders who want to intentionally create a purposeful culture of passionate employees who take pride in their work and engage in improvement daily that will deliver the performance and long term, sustainable results that organizations are needing.

Mike Hoseus

Former Toyota Motor Manufacturing Leader and Co-Author of the "Toyota Culture - The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way”

Own the Gap showed us the Key Systems that are needed in order to manage successful teams, Management for Omotenashi teaches us what is needed to lead successful teams.   The book sets the standards for leadership thinking and behaviors that bring the best out of people.  Mike teaches us how to get past copying others and helps us see how and what to teach others so that we all can do our best work and create the best results.  This book lays out an uncommon but very necessary philosophy for leaders and teams to follow. It teaches leaders and team members how to think and act in ways that bring out and achieve our very best.

Alex Dobsky

VP Operations, Mity Lite

I first heard Mike Martyn speak in 2007 and it changed my life – his insights, brilliant in their simplicity, laid the foundation for powerful transformational change for me personally and my organization. His latest book is absolute genius, and has the potential to bring joy and meaning to the work of millions around the world. Management for Omotenashi is both inspiring and actionable, equipping readers with a winning formula to build cultures of excellence that sustain over time. I have been searching for a book that could resonate powerfully in the public sector to build on their clear mission to serve the public by introducing a systematic framework for daily improvement enabling them to achieve the highest level of performance possible. This book is what I have been searching for. So grateful for the work and can’t wait to see its insights come to life in purposeful motivation and aligned action in local governments around the world.

Sheila Montney

retired executive, State Farm Insurance, Managing Partner, Win Together®, Alderman - City of Bloomington, Illinois

I really enjoyed reading Management for Omotenashi. In my experience implementing the management operating systems found in Own the Gap at multiple organizations from manufacturing to healthcare, the concepts taught in Management for Omotenashi are key to bridging the gap. To effectively create a culture of continuous improvement, the systems and tools can seem quite intuitive, but without the spirit of the leader continuously focusing on creating an environment where the team members can excel and work toward ikigai through service and openness, the breakthroughs needed to have a sustained operating model that delivers culture and results will not be maintained. There are so many nuances discussed in the book that I have not encounters in my previous study and understanding. I found the book to be a must read for those leaders that are focused on gettin results through a positive and meaningful culture.

Bryan Crowell

COO, Petersen, Inc.

A must read for any leader looking to improve their business processes and culture.  The tools, concepts, and philosophies are applicable to any type of work environment or business support functions.  The elements of this book contain the keys to success with not only your business, but also with your own personal development to be a great leader.

Joseph Kumor

Senior Director Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability, Abbvie

Those who have been a part of a business excellence transformation understand the challenge it represents to engage each and every member of the organization to be an active participant in achieving its purpose, attaining their own self-realization through the work they perform, and using this motivation and energy to delight customers.  Creating the environment where this can be achieved has become the new role of a leader.  Management for Omotenashi offers a practical model that teaches leaders how to create this environment while connecting the organization’s True North with its team member’s quest for self-fulfillment.  In this way, delighting the customer becomes the results of a partnership between the organization and its people, where pride, passion and purpose are shared.

Chester Zelaya

VP Global Cardiac Implant Network Operations, Edwards Lifesciences LLC

Management for Omotenashi provides an insightful and practical approach to how we can relentlessly pursue the closing of the leadership gap. Driving sustainable improvement starts with leaders who are empathetic, understand the true value of the people involved in the process and who take a systemic approach to building a culture where teams have pride in their work, take accountability for improvement and excellence and are connected to strategy and the pursuit of it.  The book gave me a new education on the depth of Kaizen and the power in potential, and the terms of Omotenashi and Ikigai are words that will become part of my vocabulary going forward.

Judith McMullin

Director Program Management, Abbott, Inc.

Early in our journey, I noticed that as our team members started to make improvements to the way they work, they became more confident in their ability to make a difference. They also became so competent and confident that I know they were going to make a difference in their own homes, communities, churches, etc.That is when I realized that the most important outcome of any continuous improvement effort is the development of powerful people who own their contribution and hold themselves accountable for the quality of the world in which they live. When people come to visit us they always ask how to achieve such a culture. From now on, when I get asked that question, I will hand them “Management for Omotenashi.” I believe this book is a must read because helping people find meaning and purpose in their work is the biggest leadership challenge we face. I know this book will help create more powerful and effective leaders and associates, and in doing so, transform the work we do each day into something that is more meaningful, enabling and inspiring.

Gary Peterson

Executive Vice-President, Supply Chain & Procurement,, OC Tanner

Martyn has done a remarkable job of linking the concepts of omotenashi and ikigai to a management system that delivers sustainable excellence. This linkage provides a “roadmap” that helps those who are dedicated to service or caregiving excellence to know where to start, what to prioritize and how to proceed.  Creating omotenashi (hospitality) for the customer presents a “Disney-like” approach to providing “a pleasant service that the guests don’t expect”. When coupled with the concept of ikigai (pride and passion in their work) we find a foundational root that provides a visceral commitment to excellence.  Martyn has also simplified the incredibly complex process of creating omotenashi for our leaders, our people and our customers. Elite business schools, decades of management publications and conferences led by the best minds in the business world have failed to grasp the linkage between providing exemplary service (omotenashi) and sustained personal fulfillment (ikigai). This linkage alone is worth reading, studying and adopting these teachings of Martyn.

Thomas Hartman

former President and Managing Director, Autolive, Senior Coach, Catalysis

The only one thing that separates achievers from non-achievers is that they enlist the help of others to make progress.

Management for Omotenashi.  Created by Mike Martyn
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